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Job Win | High Street Preston

The New Job Win Bell is Ringing Again

The new job win bell is ringing again, and this time, it's for a project that's set to redefine urban living. We are thrilled to announce our involvement in the construction of a new 18-story residential tower in Preston. This development is not just another addition to the skyline; it's a landmark that promises to bring modern living to a new level of sophistication and convenience.


A Vision for Modern Living

This ambitious project, meticulously crafted by the renowned Kapitol Group, will feature 292 exquisite apartments, including duplex townhouses that cater to a diverse range of residents. Each living space is designed with a focus on comfort, style, and functionality, ensuring that residents enjoy the best of city living.


Retail and Recreation: A Perfect Blend

Beyond the residential units, the tower will host a variety of shops, creating a vibrant community hub where residents can enjoy shopping and leisure activities without leaving their doorstep. This blend of retail and residential space is designed to foster a sense of community and convenience, making everyday life more enjoyable.


Luxurious Amenities

The development doesn't stop at just providing living spaces and shops. It also boasts lush amenities that are set to enhance the quality of life for its residents. Imagine relaxing in a beautifully landscaped courtyard, socializing in a stylish lounge, or taking in breathtaking views from a rooftop terrace. These amenities are thoughtfully integrated into the design to provide a luxurious, urban lifestyle.


Our Role: Delivering Excellence in Hydraulics

We are proud to have been appointed to handle the hydraulic portion of this prestigious project. Our team is committed to delivering the highest standards of excellence, ensuring that every aspect of the hydraulic systems is seamlessly integrated and highly efficient. From water supply to waste management, our expertise will help create a sustainable and reliable infrastructure for this residential tower.


Looking Forward

As we embark on this exciting journey with the Kapitol Group, we are eager to contribute to a project that will undoubtedly become a cornerstone of modern living in Preston. The new 18-story tower is more than just a building; it’s a symbol of progress and a testament to innovative design and construction.


Stay tuned for more updates as we bring this remarkable vision to life, and join us in celebrating the ringing of the new job win bell. Together, we're shaping the future of city living, one project at a time.