Since 1995


Surry Hills Village


Client : TOGA

Location : Surry Hills, NSW
Contract Value : Between $5m & $10m
Completion Date : 2023

Surry Hills Village is where imagination, history, and architecture converge to shape an exciting new chapter in the heart of Sydney's Inner-City. Comprising of 122 units across four residential buildings, this project is poised to transform the area into a dynamic and vibrant community hub. Whether you're a resident, a visitor to its diverse shops, or a connoisseur of its café culture, Surry Hills Village is set to redefine the local experience. 


This project encompasses a range of amenities and retail spaces including Coles & Haris Farm, and also other offerings from chic fashion boutiques to unique homeware stores, carefully selected to cater to the needs and preferences of residents in a feature timber building. There is a 102 room 5 star Hotel & a heritage building renovation It serves as a platform for specialty producers, sellers, and curators to come together and create a unique and vibrant marketplace experience.


In the heart of the Village, you'll discover a bustling market-style laneway that offers remarkable dining options, inviting spaces to explore, and an opportunity to soak in the lively atmosphere of this reimagined community.