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Planet Plumbing Wraps Up Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre Project in Collaboration with A W Edwards


In the bustling heart of New South Wales, Planet Plumbing proudly announces the successful completion of the Hydraulic Services at the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre (BARC) in partnership with esteemed client A W Edwards. This achievement marks a significant milestone for both companies, showcasing the culmination of dedicated efforts and innovative solutions throughout the project.


Project Overview:
From inception to completion, the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre has been a testament to collaboration, efficiency, and excellence. The project involved the installation of Hydraulic Services, and it's been a gratifying experience witnessing the development come to life during the build phase.


Prefabrication Excellence:
Key to the success of this project was the meticulous prefabrication of essential components off-site by Planet Plumbing's in-house Prefab team. This included groundbreaking work such as inground HDPE Dog Kennel Drainage, Trap Priming Systems, and In-wall Rough-ins meticulously placed across each of the six buildings.


Noteworthy Achievements:
A standout aspect of this project is the remarkable participation percentages achieved by the team, reflecting a commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The direct participation percentages are as follows:

- Female: 4.8%
- Indigenous: 19.1%
- Apprentice (total): 20.7%
- Apprentice (local district): 19.6%
- 25 & Under: 20.7%


Acknowledging Outstanding Contributions:
A special acknowledgment goes out to Fatima, whose exceptional dedication and hard work with the inground drainage and pressure services played a pivotal role in the project's success. Although unable to join the team photo, Fatima's contributions have left an indelible mark on the project.


Team Spirit and Quality Work:
The completion of the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre project marks yet another feather in the cap for Planet Plumbing. The entire team deserves recognition for their unwavering commitment, professionalism, and the high standards of workmanship demonstrated throughout the project.


Gratitude to A W Edwards:
Planet Plumbing extends heartfelt gratitude to A W Edwards for entrusting them with the opportunity to collaborate on this significant project. The successful partnership between the two companies has not only brought the vision for the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre to fruition but has also strengthened the bond between the organizations.


As the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre stands as a testament to effective collaboration and dedication to excellence, Planet Plumbing takes pride in the successful completion of the Hydraulic Services. The project's success serves as a beacon for future endeavors and reinforces the commitment of Planet Plumbing and A W Edwards to delivering exceptional results.