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At Planet Plumbing, we are dedicated to keeping our customer's safe whiles still providing the best service delivery we can. We are open for business and can assist you with any plumbing emergency or repair you have. Please see below directly from the NSW Government website.


Examples of repairs, cleaning, and maintenance that are allowed at your home


  • Completing a bathroom renovation that commenced before 17 July where there is no other bathroom in the home
  • Making a site safe and secure
  • Plumbing repair for an unexpected issue such as a burst pipe or a leaking toilet that is necessary for the household to have access to water and plumbing  
  • Fixing blocked drains if urgently needed for the health of the persons at the place of residence
  • Attending to flooding premises
  • Installing fences to secure an unfenced swimming pool
  • Conducting fire checks on buildings, stair lights and fire doors if it cannot be delayed due to safety reasons
  • Emergency window replacements if urgently needed for the safety and security of the home 
  • Repair or maintenance of air conditioning to provide heating or cooling for the household
  • Television and internet repairs or maintenance
  • Emergency car repairs and breakdown services
  • Cleaning services as part of care services for people with a disability or the elderly
  • Waste disposal can be carried out on common property


You do not need an exemption or confirmation from the NSW Government to carry out work of this nature.


Examples of renovations, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning that are not allowed at your home


  • Home renovations (such as kitchen renovations), other than to make the site safe and secure
  • Bathroom renovations unless the work commenced prior to 17 July 2021 and there is no other functioning bathroom in the home
  • Pool installations unless the work is urgently needed to secure the safety and security of the site
  • General cleaning or gardening services for the household
  • Maintenance or repair work that is not urgent
  • Installation of air conditioning and ventilation (unless it is urgently required for the health and safety of a person in the home) NSW Goverment website